About FMA

FMA is an association created by some companies in the “Fashion” industry for the purposes of resolving civil and commercial, national and international disputes which may arise between persons operating in this industry and activities related to it, through voluntary civil mediation and using mediators with expertise in the “Fashion” industry.

FMA mediators are independent, impartial and neutral. They have all followed training courses and acquired professional experience in companies or for companies in the fashion industry and related activities, have degrees in law or economics, have worked worldwide and have good knowledge of Italian and at least written and spoken English.

Inserting an appropriate clause in a contract is the most natural way of making use of FMA mediation.

Why Mediation in the Fashion industry

Mediation is an instrument for resolving any type of civil or commercial dispute simply, quickly and economically, with a guarantee of privacy. It consists of a procedure which enables parties in disputes to come to an amicable agreement which satisfies them all, through the intervention of the mediator, i.e. of a neutral third party with technical expertise in mediation and communication.

Choosing mediation does not prejudice in any way the parties' rights to bring a dispute before the competent judge or resort to arbitration.

In the fashion industry, where privacy is highly relevant and where parties are often too closely involved in the dispute to find a potential solution unaided, the assistance of a mediator with expertise in the industry may be the best instrument for reaching a solution which also enables, in certain cases, the maintaining of good business relations for the future.  

FMA mediation rules

The FMA Rules are as follows:

Download the Regulations (31.52 KB)


Mediators List (CV)

Avv. Francesco Baruffi         cv_avv._francesco_baruffi.pdf

Avv. Carlotta Curti               cv_avv._carlotta_curti.pdf

Avv. Claudio De Bedin         cdbs_cv_in_english.pdf

Avv. Daniela Della Rosa       cv_ddr_eng_jan_2015_.pdf

Avv. Cristina Franchi           cv_avv._cristina_franchi.pdf

Avv. Luisa Leone                 luisa_leone_cv.pdf 

Avv. Fabio Moretti              cv_avv._fabio_moretti.pdf 

Fashion mediation board

In order to ensure the absolute independence, impartiality and neutrality of its mediators, essential elements for the smooth functioning of the FMA and the efficacy of its mediation activities, FMA has decided that its mediators will be nominated by an autonomous body that is totally independent from the FMA partners. This body is the Fashion Mediation Board

Art.5 of the FMA Regulations governs this matter and stipulates that not only will it nominate the Mediators but also carry out all activities related to their professional development.

Fashion Mediation Board

Avv. Patrizia Chiampan          curriculum_patrizia_chiampan.pdf

Avv. Maria Beatrice Deli

Avv. Manfredi Burgio              cv_avv._manfredi_burgio.pdf

Relations between FMA and Camera Arbitrale di Venezia

FMA has signed an agreement with the Camera Arbitrale di Venezia (CAV) for the logistical and secretarial management of its mediation procedures.

FMA has thus secured the cooperation of one of the most prestigious Mediation Bodies both at national and international level, with vast experience in civil mediation.

What is more, under the terms of the agreement and pursuant to art. 10 of the FMA Mediation Regulations, the relations with CAV enable the enforceability of any agreement reached through a simple, straightforward and economical process.

As part of the agreement between the FMA and CAV and thanks to the support of the FMA, CAV has created a "Fashion" division for arbitration procedures under its direction.

This is another exceptional advantage for businesses operating in the industry; by adopting the relevant clause, they will be assured of benefiting from arbitrators with expertise in Fashion and related activities when resolving any disputes, should the mediation prove unsuccessful.

Lastly, FMA has considered that Venice is the perfect location for both mediation and arbitration procedures in the fashion sector because the city is rightly considered, especially during contract negotiations of an international nature, a neutral and almost "extraterritorial" venue, which has traditionally and historically been, and continues to be, a "melting pot" of diverse and cosmopolitan cultures and interests.  

FMA Mediation Clause and Arbitration Clause

This is the Mediation Clause which the FMA recommends companies insert into their contracts.

Download the Mediation Clause (14.14 KB)

The FMA also suggests inserting one of the following clauses for arbitration under the direction of the Camera Arbitrale di Venezia.

Contacts and mediation request

For any contact with FMA and for mediation requests to FMA You can write to FMA at Camera Arbitrale di Venezia - Ms. Barbara Marinello - barbara.marinello@ve.camcom.it

tel. +39 041 786 236/248

S.Marco 2032

30124 Venice (Italy)

Becoming an FMA partner

The FMA is an association open to all companies operating in the fashion sector or related activities.
Should you be interested in joining the FMA, please write to us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the advantage of Mediation over Arbitration?
    Both are methods of resolving disputes but not antithetical.
    Mediation may take place either before, or during, an Arbitration procedure, but if the Mediation is successful, Arbitration becomes unnecessary.
  2. Why do Companies resort to mediation?
    It is the only way of resolving a dispute where the parties can be certain that the result will not correspond with what they are not willing.
    With the help of a mediator, parties can swiftly reach a reasonable and mutually acceptable solution with fixed and limited costs.
  3. How are the expert Fashion mediators selected?
    They are often former employees of companies in the industry with a legal or business background and therefore know about both specific problems but also opportunities and the importance of reaching a swift resolution.
  4. Does the FMA deal with international disputes?
    FMA's vocation is to find solutions for disputes in the Fashion industry at both national and international level. FMA mediators are all able to work in at least two languages, one of which is English.
  5. Is it useful to insert the FMA clause into contracts?
    Inserting the clause ensures that, in the event of any disputes, an attempt will be made at mediation; it is thus extremely useful. All parties may decide to use FMA even after a dispute has arisen, without having inserted a specific clause into the contract.
  6. Why has the FMA signed an agreement with the Camera Arbitrale di Venezia (Arbitration Board of Venice)?
    By means of the agreement, the FMA has secured the support of a highly-regarded and efficient Mediation Body, including in the enforcement of any agreement reached, and an arbitration administration centre which reflects its outstanding reputation. In addition, the Camera Arbitrale di Venezia has created a Fashion division with arbitrators possessing specialised knowledge of the industry.